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Abhishek Jain

astro guru bhai's journey

“It’s my privilege that I was destined to know, learn and serve astrology.

Studying astrology along with various aspects of vedic science has always been a passion for me. Since my childhood, I loved every bit of Prediction and Astrology, which in turn has given me strength to serve community through my knowledge”:- Abhishak Jain

Abhishak Jain was born in Muzaffarnagar, a district place in State of Uttar Pradesh in the year 1991. He was having lots of interest and always inclined towards Religions, Spirituality, Hinduism Culture, Mythological aspects, Occultism and various sciences of Vedic times.

He is having some super natural power of prediction about anything or any deeds before the happenings also it was proven in very younger age that is an eight years old child was doing some unobvious predictions, later on all those were realized by the near ones. Time to time, he gave glimpses of his super natural ability by accurately predicting some future events related to other’s upcoming life.

Being interested in the field of Astrology and Prediction, he had started learning Astro by himself and at the age of 16, and along with this he had shown his interest towards Vedic Prashar which means spreading of knowledge in all community.

Sooner or Later he got the result of his hard work and dedication which is reflected by his popularity and fame in this era only in the mere age of 20 and he became a well known face in his locality, this all happens only because of his accurate predictions of astrology related to any field of human beings.

After getting such a positive response from the society he wanted to return something to them so he had started his professional services in the field of Astrology at the mere age of 21 and he was first in professional in Muzaffarnagar city who had started educating people in the field of Astrology.

Abhishak Jain is a most famous name in field of Astrology with hundreds of accurate predictions in various fields of activities and this is the reason of becoming most invited and followed astrologer. His super natural command over basic astrology has provided him great respect amongst his field of expert astrologers and the fraternity people are always happy to meet him.

Due to having huge interest for exploring of knowledge he had started travelling worldwide for education people in mere age of 22.

While travelling, he purposely met many scholars, monks and various spiritual peoples and participated in several discussions related to spirituality, astrology and other branches of Prediction Science.

Abhishek Jain is having huge experience in prediction of events with accuracy. He has studied various aspects of astrology including other streams of mythology that Jain astrology etc. He was awarded with prestigious title of “Jyotish Martand” at age of 24 in a conference of world astrologers.

Inspite of achieving everything in his life, he was always very keen to learn and devote his life in this particular filed and he did lots of researches as well and also involved himself in Krishnamurti system under guidance of world famous astrologer Mr. Vinod Mehrotra sir who is astrologer of buisness tycoons n film star.

As we know, a real person is always down towards earth and same goes with Abhishek Jain. Despite huge success at early age he has a cool and calm nature and given his all credits all to his beloved Mother Kamkhaya and Baba Neem Karoliji.

Keeping pace with modern era he is also keenly working on scientific astrology and with an aim to use astrological science for health benefits of human beings and also engaged in research works of medical astrology. He has been proficiently using Astronomical affects for future predictions along with traditional way of astrology.

With all the hard work, dedication and passion towards learning and knowledge exploration, it’s really made us proud for having such a legend in our society who is having numerous followers at just the tender age of 25.

He always talks about his love for people and provide them best solution for their happy life via astrological concept using Vedic science. He added, I get immense pleasure and satisfaction being an astrologer and serving society.