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The birth of a child gives immense happiness to their family and they feel themselves blessed after becoming parent.

Everybody has born with same quality but nobody knows how to utilize the power or energy given by God in a positive direction. We all knows the most famous cricket player Sachin Tendulkar, he was not that much successful if he becomes a writer. Our soul is habitual of whatever its doing from past and in that field only we can do best and got name with fame.

Your family background does not matter, but soul has its own areas of interest may be it will match with your ancestors or maybe it will differ.

Stars play an important role always. Whatever are your likes or dislikes also depends upon the condition of your zodiac sign. As per the Astros Jupiter also known as “guru” always considered as the God of Knowledge and Education and along with that Mercury is responsible for intelligence. To understand the area of study we will have to consider the second house for education of the child. Hence depending on the condition of Jupiter and Mercury the education of a person should be decided. Don’t waste your time in wrong field. Save your time for your valuable future

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