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Learn Astrology - Part 1

Astrology is the science of finding connection between those of us on the Earth and the Cosmos. Astrology is not a simple meaning like what you read in the horoscope section of the newspaper. A true astrological report takes into account not only the Sun sign (what you get in the paper), but the placements of all the planets of our solar system and sometimes other celestial bodies as well in relation to your birth time. Learn the basic components of astrological study.

Learn Astrology - Part 2

Learn the symbols used in astrology. This is necessary even just to read your own chart, since glyphs are always used in astrological charts.

How to Learn Astrology (Available in Hindi & English) ?

There are many online tutorial Available for Astrology where you can go and learn. But before going to learn them, if you have the basic knowledge than it will be great advantage for you.

To learn the Astrology there are some Steps which you have to follow: Firstly you have to learn the Symbols used in Astrology .You have to learn the Zodiac Sign, and the meaning of each sign. You need to have the knowledge about the planets in Astrology and effect of the planet on Zodiac sign. You should have to learn about the birth chart .

Benifits Of Astrology

  • Understanding what makes you who you are.
  • Knowing the skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime.
  • Determining your Life Path.
  • Understanding the cycles of your life.
  • Relationship compatibility.
  • Determining the best career.
  • Determining when to begin a project or new enterprise.
  • Looking at the pros and cons of relocation.
  • Find out what your karmic influences are.
  • Look at the year ahead.

Why Us ?

We teach you basics of astrology in a very logical and easier way. By attending very few classes you will be able to read horoscopes or others and able to predict future of any one in a very accurate manner. Everything will logically define with research and scientific reasons

Our expertise solutions and highly configured Astro science give you the unbelievable remedies which are no lesser than a miracle to happen back in your life. So never need to worry about until and unless or until our experts are here.

You can analyze your practical knowledge after learning astrology and we are sure you will do like a perfectionist.

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