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Every parent wants a good future partner for their children and they keep on analyzing for a good person. These questions always roam around the boy or girl:

  • Is your partner loyal?
  • Whether my child will do love or arrange marriage
  • When will you get married?
  • After how many affairs you will get your real love?
  • How can we control our sexual interest?
  • What will be the initials of my partner?

Both the partners should be aware of the positivity and negativity of each other so that you could know about your relationship because if you are on same point on all aspects of life then, love and romance of the life will be keep on going and both can take the enjoyment of their sex life even. Sometimes it has been observed that, romance goes from couple’s life after certain period of time and they started feeling loneness hence before taking any step towards your relationship you should know about your Love and Sex Astrology.

So if you are moving ahead in your for any kind of relationship and not sure for what going to be happened then come to us. We are here to guide you in best possible way and will also provide you options like what you should do to make your love and sex life comfortable, compatible and happy

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