Dosha and Remedies Report

"Doshas and remedies report" is intended to provide analysis of unfavorable planetary positions in your horoscope, identifying curses of this birth and previous birth as well in order to solve the problems, you are facing now. It said that all the curses can be cured through mantra, homam, yajna or through gemstones.

Sade Sati Analysis and Remedies

When transit (gochar) Shani passes over birth Moon or twelfth or second from it, it is called Shani Sade Sati or Saturn Sade Sati. Shani Sade Sati remains in these three signs for approx 7.5 years and this period is generally considered troublesome and problematic for the native.

What is Remedies?

We in our life-cycle are often to face a lot of pain, misery and troubles, which impart us both emotionally as well as physically. To get rid out of such pains and to seek delights has been one of the major goals of our lives. Another Objective is to induce the objective of our lives, whether it is material or spiritual, as per one's destiny there could be a lot of hurdles. Asian or Indian astrology has not only provided us tools to determine what's destiny has in virtue for us but also ways to avoid the negative fumes in achieving our objectives. These ways as suggested by the astrological methods are called remedies. All these remedies attempt to correct one of the two stages as depicted in your chart. It can make your positive planets stronger, depreciating the effect of bad planets.

Benifits Of Remedies

  • Helps us in providing protection during difficult times.
  • Prediction about the period of suffering or the time to come and pre-encrypted heal over that.
  • Revenge against bad planets, moon and stars effect.
  • Getting rid over losses to suffer economically or professionally.
  • Engaging with better time at better place with better resources.
  • Organized and well planed scriptures.
  • Helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences to a large extent.
  • Ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of the astrological science.
  • Whenever practiced with faith and sincerity, the efficacy of astral remedies in terms of immediate results depends on many things including the ascendant and the strength of the natal planets.
  • Encouraged energy of living stress free.

What We do ?

If you worry about and we resolute it, if you are to suffer, we heal it. That's what we do and we love to do. we also account your kundli factors which is an all dimensional structure to align you with unique scientific and spiritual system that categories your behavior, sorrows, delights, your partner and your major life aspects. By inducing your birth place, time and dates we determine the best provision of your individual details and its factors, we take your horoscopes factors into certain account and determine it with what you're looking for in a future structures and remedies for each of your bad attribute. Join Astro Gurubhai today and get your issues healed within couple of moments to serve your family and your future with enormous delights.

Why Us ?

Remedies are the most ultimate solution of all your personal dreams, getting to know about your guns, characteristics, your goals and the heal for all your problems. This is usually a quick process and if you are lucky enough, you will not have to wait a lot in anticipation. When you hire an exclusive Astrology service like us, you need not to be aware of any issue or planet structures. Your better future is always what we care about. Don’t worry until and unless we are here to serve you with the best of it.

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